Meet the Dive Team

We have been waiting 9 months, since we started the “Meet the Team” blog tradition, for this moment. October is a very important month in Egyptian Diving History. It was on the 6th of October two german aircrafts sunk the SS Thistlegorm, giving the Red Sea one of the most precious diving treasures. And it was in October too, when Ahmed was born, allowing many people to learn to dive and enjoy the sea under his instruction.

So today we put our neoprene on and celebrate the birthday of one of Scuba Seekers founders. Happy birthday Ahmed!

And of course, if you are in Dahab, you are always more than welcome to join our family in the dive center and eat a piece of cake.

Meet Ahmed

Ahmed is Scuba Seekers Operations Manager. Originating from Alexandria Ahmed first started diving in 1995.

He moved to Dahab in 1995 and become one of the first Egyptian instructors working in Dahab. He has personally taught many of Dahab’s Instructors (and some course directors) when they were students themselves. He has always been very passionate about teaching and passing on good skills to his students.

As Operations Manager Ahmed efficiently oversees the running of the dive center. He is meticulous at running an array of activities and flexible to customers needs and diving desires. His organisational skills are second to none and his knowledge of equipment is exceptional.

If you need anything, Ahmed is your man.

Ahmed’s Info

Nationality: Egyptian
Diving Since: 1995
Dive Professional Since: 1998
Number of Dives: 8000+
Highest Recreational Qualification: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Birthday: October 9th