Dahab 7 Waves Festival

From 25th till 31st January 2015

Following the Dahabian tradition of great festivals, 2015 opens with the Dahab 7 Waves Festival at the end of January. This festival will be great fun! Days and nights full of sport activities, music, Bedouin culture and the atmosphere that has made Dahab so famous.

The official program of the festival is divided in seven areas or “waves” that covers all kind of activities for everybody:

  • Kids Wave
  • Sound Wave
  • Wellness Wave
  • Environment Wave
  • Sports Wave
  • Water Wave
  • Sand Wave

To be on the crest of the wave, and not miss any last minute changes; you can always check the official facebook page .

Scuba Seekers at the Dahab 7 Waves Festival

The team of Scuba Seekers, as expected, will participate in the Water Wave. The Water Wave includes numerous water activities. Ranging from raft race to treasure hunting, free-diving and swimming competitions, wind and kite surfing shows… and of course lots and lots of diving


Scuba Seekers will take part in the swimming competition, so either you join us or have your pom-poms ready to cheer for us.


For the fifth day of the festival, we are part of two activities. The first one, several dive centers and we have united our passion for diving. We will all be offering 30 free intro dives, two of which Scuba Seekers will do to award kids who got high school grades.

If you want to know how it feels to be able to breathe underwater, come and try for yourself at the Lighthouse area at 10:00 am.

If you are in for adventure and you are good with maps and searching. Join us in our second activity of the day, the treasure hunt. Get out the pirate in you and join the fun and excitement under water.


For the sake of our beautiful sea and marine life. As a minimum payback to nature, Scuba Seekers will join cleaning dive. We will offer free equipment for our customers. (Minimum diving qualification: Advanced Open Water)

If you are already a certified diver, there are several sponsored dives that you could join during the week, or win in a number of activities.

Festival Warming Up

Dahab 7 waves festival warm-up

Let’s get started! Today we went to the streets and joined a 4 km march through the streets of our beloved Dahab. The mission was to spread the good mood and excitement of the upcoming week. And we believe that the mission was fully accomplished.

It was a fantastic gathering, full of laughs and great atmosphere and…lets face it, nobody looked more proud and happy than our Salem waving the Scuba Seekers flag in the middle of the crowd.

We hope to see you in Dahab during this great Festival!