Fluo Night Dive in Dahab

The light…the colors…the mystery… It will blow your mind

Everything is almost like a normal night dive. The pre-dive preparation includes a few new pieces of equipment, a torch with blue light, a yellow filter over the mask, that brings back memories of first 3D movies.
Once in the water, the darkness looms. Slowly, slowly your eyes get used to the lack of visible light, while you swim quietly and carefully towards the coral reef.

You slowly move your torch over a piece of coral and…amazing…the light…the colors…the mystery… It will blow your mind… Thats fluo diving.

The after-sunset environment of night diving always offer something different than day diving. At night, you can see aquatic life that you rarely, or never see during the day, and you will observe behavior and special phenomena. Fluo diving takes night diving to a whole new level. A unique kind of diving. It really is like seeing with new eyes.

So what is so different? You may have seen bioluminescence, like the fins along the mantle of a cuttlefish or the sea-sparkle (noctiluca), that glows when you wave your hands. But with fluorescent light, aquatic life will shine in exuberant neon colors. Its like a psychedelic dream beyond imagination.

Are you ready for the astonishing beauty of fluo diving?



“The odds of you going in the water and finding something, seeing some animal fluorescing, that no-one else in the entire history of the universe has ever seen is probably over ninety percent! Anywhere in the world. Simply because so few people have done this”…

Dr. Charles Mazel,
fluorescence research scientist.