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Happy Dahab!

A huge thanks to all Dahab HAPPY friends, who made it possible to create this video!

Some people spend all their lives seeking happiness, but others already found it. Dahab is a true source of happiness that needs to be revealed. The Dahabians are the only ones who could accomplish this mission.

A new “Happy” by Pharrel Williams video was organized and filmed by local filmmakers to promote and support Dahab. Scuba Seekers team is very proud to be part of the video. The video features not just cool places in Dahab, but also the spirit of the people living there.

100,000 viewers viewed the Happy Dahab video on YouTube. Be the next viewer, watch the video and see if you can spot us!

Worth mentioning, we met a guy that moved to Dahab after he watched the Happy Dahab video! He did it! We bet you can do it too!
Join the happiness… Come to Dahab