Meet the Dive Team

Wow, last week we celebrated Sameh’s birthday and today, we have a party again. While we are baking a cake, you should put your neoprene on and go diving. Today, all the fish underwater will be celebrating and dancing, because today it is our lovely Kim’s special day.

Happy birthday Kim!

Meet Kim

Kimberley is an Instructor and Guide at Scuba Seekers. After studying at University in Nottingham, Kimberley worked for a UK diving and outdoor sports manufacturer as the Marketing Manager. Having so much contact with the world of diving it was inevitable that she would end up in the water. In 2006 she was enrolled on her open water course as a company bonus and has been hooked ever since.

Kimberley has experience diving in the UK, Australia, Malaysia, Spain, Turkey, Sri Lanka and of course the Red Sea.

Kimberley is passionate about diving education and passing on her knowledge to her students. She is a diving chameleon, one day with a single tank, the next day with a twinset and the next on sidemount.

When you dive with Kimberley you will feel her passion about sharing her experience with you. She is as enthusiastic about teaching new divers as she is in continuing her own diving education through technical diver training.

Kim’s Info

Nationality: British
Diving Since: 2006
Dive Professional Since: 2012
Number of Dives: 1500+
Highest Recreational Qualification: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Highest Technical Qualification: TDI Extended Range
Birthday: June 27th