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Mannequin Challenge: Diver’s Edition

Like many of the new Internet trends that go viral very fast, the Mannequin Challenge was one of the trends that became very popular within many social communities. Several Scuba Seekers team members suggested and agreed that we should also make a divers’ edition Mannequin challenge, so we did!

We sent out messages to the team that we’re meeting the next morning for the Mannequin Challenge, and Kimberley started on constructing the plan. The next morning our mannequins showed up and it was time to put Kim’s plan into action! Everyone went crazy creative with the props and poses. Ahmed Shaaban had to sneakily change his pose and run from the compressor room to the pool, Sherif and Nardine had to run to the pool from the counter while we were filming Yen in the classroom, and I had to swiftly hand the camera to Sue mid-filming to run to the rinsing pool!

Finally, after 4 takes we successfully managed to film the Mannequin Challenge, which proved to be very challenging considering how hard it was trying to suppress our laughter. However, Biscuit did a great job and stayed still the whole time! The team was very excited and couldn’t wait for the video to be posted. But once it was on Facebook and YouTube, the feedback and comments we received were great!