Meet the Dive Team

Happy new year to everybody and happy birthday to one of the Scuba Seekers team members.

This year we decided to use each of our birthdays as an excuse to let you know us better. But don’t worry we will not drag you to listen us to talk about ourselves all day. If you are in Dahab, you will find us celebrating doing what we like the most: diving. And you are more than welcome to join us in the dive centre for a piece of cake!

And the “Meet the Team” tradition starts with one of  Scuba Seekers home grown divers. Starting his diving training as a student in some of our courses to now, when he has moved to live in Dahab and is part of our crew of intructors: happy birthday Mohab!

Meet Mohab

Mohab is an instructor and guide at Scuba Seekers. Originally from Monofya, Mohab first learned to dive in 2010. Since that moment diving has been his passion. Mohab is a great advocate for diving education and is as passionate about teaching as he is learning new skills himself.

Mohab was always very active and interested in sports. At school he studied Sports Science and worked with sports teams to help them establish effective training and rehabilitation programs. It was here he realised his passion to teach and to work with different students to help them reach their physical and mental goals.

Mohab is a technical diver and intro to tech and sidemount instructor as well as a recreational instructor. So whatever your perspective/interest in diving or equipment configuration is, you will enjoy diving with  Mohab.

Mohab’s Info

Nationality: Egyptian
Diving Since: 2010
Dive Professional Since: 2012
Number of Dives: 3000+
Highest Recreational Qualification: Extended Range
Birthday: January 1st