New Ways to Enjoy your dives

Diving specialty courses are a great way to develop and improve your scuba diving skills and discover new and different ways to enjoy your dive.

The purpose of the Specialty Diver Courses is to make divers familiar with the skills, knowledge and techniques for their favorite underwater activities and to introduce them to exciting new adventures.

So, what are you waiting for, come to Dahab and pick your next scuba challenge!

Scuba Diving Specialty - Enriched Air Nitrox
Enriched Air Diver Specialty

The most popular specialty course.
Diving with enriched air Nitrox will extend your no-decompression dive time. This means more time underwater, especially on repetitive dives. And it is very useful if you want to join us in a live aboard!

1 day ⎜ dry course ⎜ € 75

Deep - Diving Specialty
Deep Diver Specialty

The deepest dives within recreational limits.
Expand your diving horizons down to 40m depth and explore a wider range of dive sites.
Dahab’s deep underwater beauty is waiting for you!

2 days ⎜ 3 dives ⎜ € 155

Sidemount - Diving Specialty
Sidemount Specialty

A new way to mount your scuba tanks. Having them on your back is no longer a requirement for scuba diving. Explore the underwater world with the flexibility and streamlining options of mounting 2 tanks on your sides!

2-3 days ⎜ 4 dives ⎜ € 300

Dry Suit - Diving Specialty
Dry Suit Specialty

A dry suit is exactly what it sounds like – a suit that keeps you dry while you’re diving.
It’s an essential piece of equipment for cold-water divers, but it’s also useful if you want to spend longer underwater without getting cold.

1 day ⎜ 2 dives ⎜ € 110

Underwater Photography - Diving Specialty
Underwater Photography

Take your first underwater photos or fine tune your existing skills to take pictures that will stun your friends. If you really are interested in becoming an underwater photographer, we recommend you to combine it with one of our workshops!

1 day ⎜ 2 dives ⎜ € 110

PPB - Diving Specialty
Peak Performance Buoyancy

PPB is one of the most useful specialties of all .
It teaches you to have a perfect trim (position in the water) and great precision in your buoyancy control. Not only you will be a better diver, you will also improve your air consumption!

1 day ⎜ 2 dives ⎜ € 110

Wreck - Diving Specialty
Wreck Diver Specialty

Welcome to the wonderful and exciting world of wreck diving. Shipwrecks are fascinating dive sites, not only because of the wrecks themselves, but also because of the incredible marine life they attract and the interesting history that accompanies them.

2 days ⎜ 4 dives ⎜ upon request

Night Diver Specialty

Submerge in the incredible underwater world after sunset. There is an incredible amount of nocturnal life in the world’s oceans, and going on night dives allows you to encounter some of these unusual and beautiful creatures.

3 days ⎜ 3 dives ⎜ € 155

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