Underwater Photography

Dives you’ll love … with memories for life

If you want to take your underwater photography skills to the next level, we can offer you a workshop with award winning photographer Kjeld Friis.

All photography workshops will be based on the individual student, and Kjeld Friis will take your skills and knowledge level into account and tailor the course to get the maximum outcome. This means that there will be something for you to learn, wether you are a camera amateur or a professional photographer.

The goal is not only to get better underwater photos, but also to understand why they are good, and the camera techniques behind them.

During the courses, his extensive equipment collection is available, and included in the price. So if you need a camera, you will get one. If you already have a camera, you may be ready to try shooting with a strobe. If you have a strobe, you may try to shoot with 2 strobes, or a wet lens.

Photo Editing

The most important is that you get your images right straight from the camera and just do some final retouches in your computer.

You don’t need to be an advanced computer user to learn how to enhance your pictures with the computer, there will be a hands-on sessions at the end of each day with either Photos, Aperture, Lightroom or your own preferred photo editing software.

There is no set time for the workshop. The more time you have, the more you will learn.


The course is based on learning to use your own camera. But if you do not have one, it doesn’t matter, one will be provided for you, with any extra equipment you will need for the course.

Kjeld Friis has a large collection of cameras to offer, from simple point and shoot to fully manual compacts and DSLRs. He can provide you with the one that better suits your skills and level.


A one day (2 dives) workshop can be credited as a PADI Digital Underwater Photography specialty course.

A Typical Course Could Look Like This:
Day One
  • Different camera systems and their pros and cons.
  • Camera settings for natural light.
  • White balancing
  • Aperture, ISO and shutter speed basics for digital underwater photography
  • Framing and principles of good composition underwater
  • How to approach subjects underwater
  • Equipment maintenance
Day Two
  • Camera settings for artificial light
  • Use of filters
  • Advanced camera settings (aperture, ISO and shutter speed)
  • Underwater subjects: art vs naturalist underwater photography
  • What makes a photo good or bad?
  • Sharing your pictures online and how to get useful feedback
  • Practical techniques and tips to take even better photos
Digital Underwater Photography


Duration: 1 or 2 days
(2 diver per day)
Max. depth: Current diving certification
Suitable for: Anyone who likes photography
Prequisites: Be a comfortable diver
Medical Statement
Price: 1 day – 60€ pp
2 days – 100€ pp
* Including necessary equipment, bits and pieces.
* Excluding any certifications, manuals and the cost of dives at the dive centre.

All photos on this page are taken by Kjeld Friis’ students.