Meet the Dive Team

Once again we are baking a cake and lighting the candles! June is a month when we celebrate lots of important birthdays. On the 11th it was the great diving pioneer, Captain Cousteau, so guess whose turn it is today? You bet, another of the great divers in history, one of the founders of Scuba Seekers – …drumroll!… – the one and only, mister Sameh Sokar!

Happy birthday Sameh!

Meet Sameh

Sameh is Scuba Seekers founder, Training Director and primary SST instructor. Originating from the Cairene suburb Cairo/Egypt, Sameh had always found the crowded city was not his real place. In 1998 he tried scuba diving in the Red Sea and it was ‘love at the first plunge’.

Since that first encounter with the sub-aquatic realm, Sameh has explored an array of different fields relating to scuba diving and finally, after spending many years working in a Cairo based multinational, Sameh decided that he had enough of the suit and tie and donned the scuba-tank full time. Since having made diving his full time occupation, he has risen to the level of GUE Instructor,SDI/TDI Instructor Trainer & Examiner as well PADI Staff Instructor and Rebreather Instructor. Sameh is one out of eight active Egyptians Instructor trainers around the world and two Egyptians GUE instructors.

Teaching diving is his passion and he has a wealth of experience having completed many 100m+ dives and acted as a support diver for others attempting to push their limits. He learned to dive with, and continues to support, some of the world’s technical diving elite: including Andrey Chistyakov, Pascal Bernabe, Tom Steiner and Ahmed Gabr.

Although he is most at home with a twinset on his back, he is an exceptionally experienced diver with the sidemount configuration, rebreather and an accomplished cave diving.

While he loves diving the length of the Egyptian Red Sea coast, he has experience in different countries starting from the cold water of UK, to Italy, South Africa, Srilanka, Malaysia, Mexico and the list continues growing. But it is in Dahab, with its extensive array of reefs and caverns, that his heart (and thus usually his fins) are to be found.

Sameh’s Info

Nationality: Egyptian
Diving Since: 1998
Dive Professional Since: 2004
Number of Dives: 5000+
Highest Recreational Qualification: PADI Staff Instructor
Highest Technical Qualification: TDI Instructor Trainer
Birthday: June 19th