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TEC Diver Level 2 will build on what you learned in your first tec diving course, focusing more on gas planning and equipment maintenance.

The second tec diving qualification will take you beyond normal recreational diving limits and give you your first real taste of technical diving. The course is designed to introduce you to using staged decompression to allow you to undertake deeper, longer dives.

TEC Diver Level 2:
  • Teaches you to plan and execute repetitive decompression dives and use EANx or pure oxygen
  • Introduces you to staged decompression
  • Extends your depth limit to 45 meters

Among the aspects covered in this qualification are equipment configuration, decompression techniques, gas management, decompression gases, contingency planning and problem solving.

TEC Diver Level 2 is typically taught on a twinset with one stage cylinder.

Tec Diver Level 2 in Dahab

The course will take place not only inside the Dahab bay training area. So you will have the chance to visit some of the fantastic dive sites that Dahab has to offer.

And once you are certified you can spend the rest of your time in Dahab exploring our fantastic dive sites in a completely different way. For example, you will be able to dive the full Canyon.

Helitrox Diver Course

Add Helium to your Tec Diver Level 2 course and become a Helitrox diver! TDI Helitrox course is an alternative to TDI Decompression Procedures for dives between 30m-45m. Instead of air or nitrox, you will use a Helium based breathing mixture (max. of 20% helium content).

Price Helitrox Diver add-on = + € 100 (* Certification fee not included)

TEC Diver Levels 1 & 2

The TEC Diver Level 2 can be combined with your first tec diving qualification, enabling you to get to grips with using Nitrox as a stage gas, in addition to as a back gas. If you combine the two courses, you will undertake six dives over six days.

Price TEC Diver Levels 1 & 2 combined = € 650 (* Certification fee not included)

Scuba Seekers TEC


Duration: 4 days (4-5 dives)
Max. depth: 45m
Federations: TDI Decompression Procedures
Prequisites: 18 years of age;
Medical Statement;
* TDI: TDI Adv Nitrox;
25 logged dives;
* PADI TEC-REC: Tec 40 diver;
PADI Rescue Diver,
50 logged dives,
12 dives on nitrox deeper than 18m;
10 dives deeper than 30m;
Price: € 450 €
* Certification fee not included

TEC DIVER LEVEL 2: Federations Available


Decompression Procedures

Decompression Procedures

Decompression Procedures is the second tec diving level with TDI.

This federation is considered the worlds largest technical diving certification agency. TDI specialises in advanced Scuba diving techniques, particularly diving with rebreathers and the use of breathing gases such as trimix and heliox.


TEC 45 Course

TEC 45 Course

TEC 45 is the second technical level from PADI TEC-REC.

PADI is well known as the world's largest recreational diving training organisation. With a solid reputation as a teaching agency, PADI has developed the PADI TEC-REC technical courses for divers wishing to dive beyond recreational diving limits.