TDI: Trimix Diver

The TEC Diver Level 4 is the first step away from using air as a back gas. The main aim of this qualification is to teach you how to use Trimix safely through the use of established procedures and diving techniques.

The TEC Diver Level 4:
  • Teaches you to use Trimix
  • Extends you depth limit to 60 meters.

Trimix combines helium, oxygen and nitrogen, which is designed to lessen the effects of nitrogen narcosis at depth, as well as to reduce the risk of oxygen toxicity.

Advanced physiology will be covered by this course, as will gas management, decompression techniques and in-water diving skills, such as delayed surface marker buoy deployment.

This course is taught on a twinset using two stage cylinders for staged decompression dives.

While the course requires only 5 dives to complete, here at Scuba Seekers we believe 1 or 2 extra dives are incredibly beneficial to maximise student confidence and safety. If needed, these additional experience enhancing dives are included in the price of the course.

Tec Diver Level 4 in Dahab

With Tec Diver Level 4 you will learn the skills and knowledge to perform some of the most amazing Dahab technical dive sites and finally dive the legendary Arch at the Blue Hole.

Tec Diver Level 3 vs Level 4

If you are a certified Tec Diver Level 2 (TDI Decompression Procedures) you can choose between sign up for Tec Diver Level 3 or directly for Level 4.

Tec Diver Level 3 is a very rewarding course and a useful continuation of deco training. Deep dive with air as your back gas is a valid option, specially in areas where helium is not available. But if you are planing to dive in challenging environmental conditions -for example cold water, limited visibility or a physically demanding dive- our recommendation is to learn to use mix gases from the beginning and join the Tec Diver Level 4 (TDI Trimix Diver) directly.



Duration: 4 days (4-5 dives)
Max. depth: 60m (TDI)
Federation: TDI Trimix Diver
Prequisites: TDI Decompression Procedures / Helitrox Diver;
100 logged dives
25 dives deeper than 30m;
18 years of age;
Medical Statement;
Price: € 850
* Certification fee not included
* Helium for instructor and student not included – Priced at 0.06€/liter

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