TDI: Advanced Trimix

The next step on the technical diving ladder is the TEC Diver Level 5, which teaches you to use Trimix and a selection of decompression gas mixes to conduct much deeper dives – up to 100m.

TEC Diver Level 5:
  • Teaches you to control three or more stage cylinders in the water
  • Helps you to achieve exceptional competence in the water
  • Increases your depth limit to 100 meters.

Thorough dive and gas planning are key components of this course, while your in-water skills will also be honed. Contingency and bail out planning, as well as emergency procedures, are also covered by this qualification.

As well as displaying exceptional competence in the water, you will also need to demonstrate that you fully understand the risks associated with this kind of diving, in addition to approaching the course with a high level of maturity.

Your dives will be conducted using a twinset, a separate cylinder for your travel gas, and two stage cylinders for decompression. You will carry out at least two simulation dives before you do a ‘real mix’ dive.

While the course requires only 5 dives to complete, here at Scuba Seekers we believe 1 or 2 extra dives are incredibly beneficial to maximise student confidence and safety. If needed, these additional experience enhancing dives are included in the price of the course.

Tec diver level 5 in Dahab:

A feature attraction of tec diving in Dahab, is the famed Blue Hole. A rare and wonderful dive that we like to include in the course is to arrive to its bottom at 95m. And that is just the beginning, for an elite diver like you, Dahab’s reef system has endless opportunities of exploratory deep diving.



Duration: 5 days (4-5 dives)
Max. depth: 100m+
Federation: TDI Advanced Trimix
Prequisites: TDI Trimix Diver;
100 logged dives
25 deeper than 30m;
18 years of age;
Medical Statement;
Price: € 999
* Certification fee not included
* Helium for instructor and student not included – Priced at 0.06€/liter

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