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Scuba Seekers is family more than a dive centre. It was first founded by Sameh Sokar, who wanted to share his passion with his friends, but spreading the love of scuba diving didn’t stop there. The affection for scuba diving was contagious and grew with the increasing number of divers in the Scuba Seekers family.

So from the minute you enter the dive center, you will sense the warm and welcoming environment. Our elite team of diving professionals has a passionate spirit that they spread everywhere.

Whether recreational or technical, at Scuba Seekers we don’t only promote fun, but also safety and good diving education. We seek that all our students are well prepared to dive anywhere with anyone.

Dive Center Facilities

Scuba Seekers is based at the Oricana Hotel in Dahab and is a welcoming and friendly place. The dive centre itself is located overlooking an enclosed courtyard and swimming pool, making it a relaxing space that feels far away from the hustle and bustle of the streets.

A great deal of thought has gone into the design of the dive centre, with the aim to make this much more than just a building to store equipment and fill cylinders. We have secure individual lockers for all our guests, with plenty of space to hang equipment, whether it’s your own gear or dive centre equipment.

We have sizeable rinse tanks to enable you to clean all your gear when you return from each day’s diving on the best dive sites in Dahab.

There are bathroom and shower facilities onsite, as well as a lovely poolside outdoor seating area, where you can chill out after a day’s diving, or do some studying. There’s also a separate classroom with comfy seats, giving you space to learn, plan your dives, work through theory exercises with your instructor or carry out debriefs in peace and comfort.

Recreational Equipment

When you dive with us, we can provide you a full set of scuba gear, or just certain items that you are missing. Scuba Seekers predominantly use Aqualung diving equipment, and we are proud of our high maintenance standards. In fact they are so high, that we have been selected to be an official Aqualung Partner Centre.

You’re more than welcome to dive with your own equipment and we have plenty of secure space to store it to give you peace of mind.

Filling Station

We blend Nitrox from 22% to 100% oxygen, as well as Trimix gases. We have a silent power compressor and use partial pressure blending methods to create all our gas mixes.

We can mix gases to your specifications and be sure your main cylinders and stages are ready in good time to give you plenty of opportunity to analyse the mix and ensure you’re satisfied with it.

Technical Equipment

We are all extremely passionate about diving equipment and always keeping it in excellent condition. We only have technical gear of the best brands: Apeks, Dive Rite, Hollis, OMS and xDeep.

You can hire twinsets, rebreathers, wings (double and single bladder), an array of sidemount systems, regulators and full stage setups. Also, you can test your gas mix in the dive center with absolute confidence using a MixChek O2 and He analyser.

Meet The Team

Dive Team

At Scuba Seekers we believe in team power. Our instructors are enthusiastic teachers that share, not only their knowledge, but also their personal experiences with scuba diving. Our supporting staff will help you explore the Red Sea and beautiful Dahab by arranging the trips you desire and providing you with all you need.

Sameh Sokar
Sameh Sokar
Founder & Training Director
Ahmed Shaban
Ahmed Shaban
Operations Manager & Inst.
Kimberley Sokar
Kimberley Sokar
Instructor & Guide
Mohab Omran
Mohab Omran
Instructor & guide

Other Services


Accommodation can be arranged at a number of nearby hotels


We will also organise your transfer to/from Sharm el Sheikh airport.

Guest Instructors

Bring your own group! We cater for dive centres and instructors from abroad that want to visit Dahab
TDI Instructor Training Center
PADI Dive center in Dahab
Aqualung Partner Center
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