GBI “Global Emotions with local emphasis”

Scuba Seekers is proud to introduce you to GBI Shine, one of the most renowned cycling communities in the Middle East. They are part of the GBI (Global Biking Initiative) and their goal is to share their passion of the two wheels, train people to be able to ride a bicycle professionally and organise charities, events and cycling tours.

GBI Shine: Aman-Dahab

GBI Shine is kicking off the season with a new trip in November 2015. Get your gears ready for the ride that will bring cycling to Al Sa’ada, the highest point in Egypt. The trip starts in Amman in Jordan and reaches our beautiful city of Dahab. But not everybody has the same ambitions, time or budget, so GBI Shine has decided to split the trip in the following options:

  • GBI SHINE FULL: amazing 8 days crossing continents from Amman to Dahab
  • GBI SHINE LITE / JORDAN: from Amman to Aqaba only for 2 days
  • GBI SHINE LITE / EGYPT: from Taba to Dahab only for 4 days
  • ALSADA RACE!: 2 days in the first Sa’ada race
GBI Ammam - Dahab 2015
An Adventure Trip with a Good Cause

GBI Shine: Amman – Dahab is an adventure with a good cause. This time they are mounting their bikes to help the Egyptian Cure Bank to raise money to fight agains the spread of the Virus C. You can also join us and donate to help Egypt become “Virus C –Free by 2020”.

The Scuba Seekers team are very proud of their initiative and will try to help with what we do the best: scuba diving. If cycling does not push the limits enough, Scuba Seekers will add scuba diving to the list of activities that the GBI Shine riders can enjoy. Once they reach Dahab, there is nothing better than putting on scuba gear and jumping into the pristine waters of the Red Sea, to discover the stunning marine world along Dahab’s shore.

GBI Shine: Aman-Dahab will take place from the 22nd to the 28th of November, for more details on the cycling road trip and to register, check out:

GBI Dahab web page
GBI Egypt Team