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Technical Diving in Dahab

Dahab is considered heaven in the technical diving world, having a huge range of canyons, little canyons, caverns, and deep walls.

Perfect Tec Conditions

Dahab provides a great teaching environment for technical diving.

Good visibility, little or often no currents, and various depth ranges from 6 to 100+ meters, all available just few meters off shore. If that was not enough, the Red Sea also boasts a huge range of marine life and unique coral formations.

Dahab is a great place to take the next step in dive training, as this opens up even more of it’s wonderful dive sites.

Technical Diving in Dahab

Glimpses From Some Tec Sites

Full Canyon

The Canyon is divided into 4 sections with numerous entrance and exit points, which makes the dive site really fun. For example, in addition of the main entrance (20m), you can use the deeper exits at 45m or 51m depending your qualification.

The bottom topography of the canyon is very interesting and you need to do a few dives here to cover the whole area.

The Arch

The legendary Blue Hole Arch is a 27 meter journey through an underwater tunnel at 55 meters depth. It is visually almost bottomless and an amazing experience with awesome light effects. This truly is a once in a lifetime, must do, dive for any tec enthusiast.

You must be qualified TDI Extended Range or GUE TEC 1, as this is a long decompression dive with 3 different gases.


The famous Blue Hole in Dahab, is a submarine sinkhole, with a bottom at around 94 meters of depth. It is literally right off the coast, with a distance of 10 meters from your beach chair.

You have to be an TDI Advanced Trimix or a GUE TEC 2/3 qualified diver to do this dive.

Neptune Cave

Neptune Cave can be found at around 75 meters below the canyon dive site so you have to be an TDI Advanced Trimix or GUE TEC 2 qualified diver.

The cave itself goes in around 30 meters. It’s a very wide cave, which starts to get narrower. It goes in a straight line so it’s nice and easy to navigate.

Tiger House

From a drop off located 30-40 meters from shore, you see the beginning of an open canyon at 45-55 meters, that runs parallel to the shore. This tec dive has a beautiful topography with plenty of ups and downs.

You should be a Tec Diver – Level 3 (TDI Extended Range / PADI TEC 50) or a GUE TEC 1 qualified diver to go to this site.

3 Valleys Canyon

The 3 Valleys Canyon is situated around 500 meters away from the Rick’s reef dive site entrance.

The entrance of the canyon is around 39 meters and it goes all the way up to 35 meters.

You need to be a Tec Diver – Level 1 (TDI Advanced Nitrox / PADI TEC 40) or a GUE TEC 1 qualified diver to do this dive.

At the surface after being tec diving in Dahab
Tec Diving Dahab - Frogfish

What Scuba Seekers can offer you

We are a small team of divers that embrace a deep rooted passion for technical diving and exploring the underwater world.

As  TDI and PADI TEC-REC training facility we strive to offer top tier technical training that goes well above industry standards.

We offer a range of guided technical diving services in Dahab, allowing qualified technical divers to explore some of the amazing topographical features and unusual sites found close to the coast.

Divers using twinsets, rebreathers and sidemount configurations are all welcome and we can cater for groups as well as individuals.

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