Dive Sites for Everyone

Scuba Dive in Dahab

Dahab is one of the most memorable places to scuba dive in the world and boasts many advantages to all levels, abilities and interests of divers.

Pristine Conditions

You can dive in Dahab all year round and visibility is consistently good at around 30-40m.

Water temperature in Dahab ranges between a mild 20°C in the winter (Jan-Feb) to a delightful 29°C in the summer (Aug-Sep). There is no off-season or rainy season in Dahab.

Easy Diving

Dahab is predominantly shore diving so we can pick and choose when we dive in a relaxed manner. Entrances and exits are easy and convenient.

No boat schedules, seasickness concerns or 6am wake up calls (unless you really want them).

Great for Training

Certainly one of the best places in the world for diver training.

Dahab boasts excellent accessibility and great confined areas of sheltered sandy lagoons where you train without any hassle of strong currents, impact on the reef or undesirable surface conditions.

Dive Sites for Everyone

Dahab can offer divers an immense variation in diving spots, from dramatic reef walls with 200m+ drop offs, to cracks, canyons and small caves, to beautiful shallow reefs and coral gardens with the most amazing colours and variance of hard and soft coral and an abundance of sea life everywhere.

When you dive in Dahab, there is something for everyone, from an Intro Diver to an Advanced Trimix Technical Diver, you are all in the right spot.

Dahab’s Dive Sites

The beautiful thing about scuba diving in Dahab is that the question of the best places to dive is irrelevant. Dahab is full of wonderful unique sites with plenty to offer. From floating across the middle of the World Famous Blue Hole, to the mesmerizing labyrinth of Islands, to the inverted waterfall of bubbles at the Canyon, to the dancing ‘disco’ eels at Eel Garden, to the Seahorse hunting in Bannerfish Bay, to the breathtaking fan coral at Gabr El Bint there is something for everyone.

Boat & Camel Safaris

We also offer day trips to some Dahab dive sites a little further afar, we travel in unique style by boat or on camel to either the Northern area of Ras Abu Gallum or to the South of Dahab to Gabr El Bint. These day trips are easy to organize and a great fun day out plus these dive sites are exceptional and a real must on any vacation here. The reef in both these areas is spectacular as these places are more remote so the reef here is pristine.

What can you expect to see?

Dive in Dahab, and you will probably see the following Sea life: Parrotfish, Lionfish, Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Barracuda, Neopoleon Wrasse, Blue Spotted Ray, Green Turtle, Hawksbill turtle, Blue Spotted Stingray, Torpedo Ray, Stonefish, Scorpionfish, Red Sea Walkman, Unicornfish, Moray Eel, Garden Eels, Nudibranchs, Sea Moth, Wrasse, Surgeonfish, Anemone Fish (Nemo), Octopus, Travelly, Tuna, Bannerfish, Squid, Boxer shrimp, Popcorn shrimp, Cave shrimp, Cleaner wrasse, Pipefish, Cleaner shrimp, Grouper, Seahorses, frogfish, Snake-Eels, Eel Catfish, Gobies, Worms & Sea Slugs, Sea cucumbers, Pufferfish, Boxfish, Cowfish, Snappers, Seabreams, Spanish Dancer, Cuttlefish, Toadfish…. And more.

If you are lucky there are also sightings of: Dolphins, Whale Sharks, hammerhead Sharks, Oceanic Sharks, Manta Rays & Eagle Rays in Dahab.

What Scuba Seekers can offer you

The very best and most up to date in training and equipment for recreational, technical and sidemount diving. We are a GUE, TDI, PADI facility and also we welcome and can facilitate Rebreather divers.

For guided dives we keep our groups small (max of 6 divers per guide). We match our divers to similar levels, skills, air consumption so all of our divers can get the maximum enjoyment from their diving without any compromising on safety. Our Diving Professionals are all highly certified, well trained and more importantly they love what they do. You will feel their enthusiasm for the diving as they guide you through dive sites. Scuba Seekers Guides and Instructors are all great at spotting the cool and unusual, they know where to look, what to show you and how to keep you safe.

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